Dota 2: Latest 'True Sight' documentary on OG's victory in TI8 is a must

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  Dota 2 developer Valve Corporation has unveiled the latest installment of the ‘True Sight’ documentary series, highlighting the titanic clash between OG and PSG.LGD in the Grand Finals of The International 2018 (TI8), with OG walking away with the championship.

  The documentary had a cinematic premiere in the Nordisk Film Cinema Palads in Copenhagen, Denmark, but it was also broadcasted through SteamTV and Twitch. It is also up on the official Dota 2 channel on YouTube if you want to watch it.

  It is already known that the TI8 Grand Finals was arguably the best in the history of Dota 2, with OG making miraculous comebacks against the heavily-favored juggernauts PSG.LGD on its way to lifting the Aegis of Champions. But what most didn’t know was what what it took for OG to reach that point, and the documentary succinctly showed just that.

  Definitely one of the standout figures in the documentary was OG’s coach-turned-player Sébastien “Ceb” Debs. He showed just how important it is to have someone keeping the team’s morale up in the most important series of their lives, his huge plays on Axe in the pivotal Game 4 of the series were highlighted nicely as well.

  It’s a must-watch for all fans of Dota 2, or of any other esport for that matter, as pretty much everything about it — from the music, production value, and cinematography, to name a few — was excellently made.