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Barbie 1991 Video Game

Barbie is a multi-platform video game developed by Imagineering for Hi Tech Expressions. It is based on Mattel Inc.’s doll of the same name, and it was created in an attempt to get more girls to play video games. As such, it is one of the few explicitly girl-oriented NESgames. The game takes place in a dream where Barbie must travel through three different worlds (Mall, Underwater and Soda Shop) to gather accessories before attending a ball to meet Ken. Despite it having been of little interest to typical gamers at the time of its release, some critics have praised it as “not bad” for a generic platformer. Others have advanced the view that its genre is not appropriate for its content.

Designer(s)‎: ‎Alex DeMeo; Barry Marx
Developer(s)‎: ‎Imagineering
Platform(s)‎: ‎Nintendo Entertainment System‎; ‎M…
Publisher(s)‎: ‎Hi Tech Expressions